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Your outfit is the epitome of your true personal style. Finding your style can take months, years or even a decade as it represents your evolution too. I find myself guilty in spending a greater portion of my decade trying so many different personality types and dressing cues to which it suits me. 

That is why I'll be sharing the ideas that gained my confidence and the positive outlook that fleshed out along my journey hoping that I could give some helpful tips and bits of advice to someone who might still be struggling.


When I first queried myself, I thought of choosing a style that is “In” or a personal style portrayed by a certain celebrity or social media influencer. In the course of time, I had a realization that we are all unique and just like the shapes of our body, it most likely won’t fit exactly into one of the style personalities. So, I got rid of the stress and brought an effort to untangle my thoughts and subsequently discovered that I can figure out my personal style by just taking inspiration from the traits that resonate me.

How I Define my Personality

My personal style is the sum of where I’ve lived, who I’ve spend time with, what my body type is and what I love doing. Being in a tropical country, in a laidback town and engaging in a laidback lifestyle, I presented myself with a natural, relaxed and effortless style with a minimal approach. Choosing over casual outfits that displays a carefree and easygoing attitude and preferring simple lines and designs, basic pieces of jewelry and footwear choices that focus mainly on comfort.


A minimalistic approach to fashion is more about the attitude and the thought process behind the things than it is about the design object. Currently, I resist anything too overly “done” and favor casual pieces with a fun twist that well blends in the crowd. It doesn’t really have to be boring. Going out to run errands or shopping, I always bring together the basics - T-shirts, Shorts, Skirts, Jeans, Glasses, and Sneakers. I try not to shop much and whenever I do, I let my thoughts marinate first concentrating more on the specific forms, fitting, quality, and material rather than splurging on in-demand pieces that I might not be using over the time.

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I might have a feeling like “I’ve got it” now but I also believe that personal style is not static.  I’m the type of person who absorbs my surrounding and tries something different or new every once in a while. So, it may shape-shift beyond my grasp after a few months or years. I just know for sure that it will change over time and that I just have to be happy and confident with what I am today.

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